BWCA Committee

The Badger Women's Curling Association was formed for the purpose of promoting and conserving throughout the state of Wisconsin, the best interests and the true spirit of curling among women; to unite all women’s curling clubs in WI, to cultivate friendly relations among the member clubs and to hold an annual bonspiel.

2018-2019 Executive Board and Committees

President                                  Past President/Nom. Chair             2019 Badger Chair
Lisa Landon                             Terri Fisher                                    January, 2019
2417 Hidden Winds Lane                                                               Wauwatosa
Green Bay, WI 54303                                                                     Sarah Carlson
(715) 581-1598                                                                                                  
Vice Pres./Pins, Trophies            2019 Sr. Badger Chair
Susan Sandquist                           March, 2019                                      
1202 Grand Ave.                         Waupaca                   
Wausau, WI  54403                     Cathy Scherwinski                   
(715) 551-5555                                                 
 Treasurer                                     Secretary                                                                                                           
 Tanya Schober                             Lynn Adams
 6712 Altamount Circle                    
 Mt. Pleasant, WI   53406
 (262) 930-1322                                                                                                                                                  
 Past President-Advisory             Past President-Advisory
 Tanya Schober                           Teresa Larkin 
 6712 Altamount Circle               220 S Lee St.
 Mount Pleasant, WI  53406        Appleton, WI 54915
 (920) 475-9505                           (920) 475-9505                                                                        
Bev Schroeder Grants:
In honor of Bev Schroeder's endless devotion to youth curling, the Badger Women's Curling Association has created a grant program.  For more information and the application. click on the link below.
Revision date:   2/5/2018