Ebert and Day Split Games on Second Day of State Mixed

Tim Ebert and Steve Day both notched wins with their teams in the State Mixed Championship on Feb. 4, in Poynette.  Ebert bounced back from the loss the night before to earn a lopsided 8-2 win over Day.  After notching single points in the first and second ends, Steve gave up a deuce in the third to Tim.  After that, Steve never had a hammer shot the rest of the game which entailed removing  less than  two Ebert count rocks.  Steve conceded after the 7th end.

The afternoon match was the first one of the series that went to the eighth end.  After  Day scored three in the second to take a 3-1 lead, the teams traded singles for the next four ends.  Finally, playing without hammer in the seventh Tim realized he needed to take some chances.  Nothing materialized, as Day stole two points.  Leading comfortably at 7-3,  Steve was able to run Ebert out of stones in the last end.

Games scheduled for the final day of the Championship are set for 9:00 and 1:00 on Super Bowl Sunday. Day's team wins the title with a victory in either game on Sunday.  Ebert needs to win both games to punch their ticket to the nationals.

Line Scores:

Day*     1 1 0   0 0 0    0 x      2

Ebert     0 0 2   1 1 2    2 x       8


Ebert     1 0  1   0 1 0    0  x      3

Day*     0 3 0    1 0 1    2  x      7